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The CR2 battery is readily sourced and easily user replaceable, uses no power when not in use and negligible power in ‘connected’ mode. Combining these, even in commercial use, the battery should last a season or two with ease even including when it is occasionally in full alarm mode.

The product is supplied with 7 clip heads ensuring it fits the majority of engine/boat types. No adaption or alteration to the vessel itself is required to use Lifecord, it simply replaces the boat’s existing kill cord.


Lifecord is packaged in a bespoke, branded, PVC / nylon drawstring bag, useful for product storage after purchase. A small card presentation label and nylon tie ensures minimal packaging to recycle.

Designed and manufactured in Great Britain, Lifecord’s manufacturer operates under quality procedures complying with BS EN ISO 9001:2015 and is manufactured to IP67 rating.


Lifecord’s injection moulded parts include the battery enclosure, also containing the electronics. It is exceptionally robust, designed to withstand the pressures of being placed within a second injection mould tool after the electronic components are fitted, encasing it with a tactile and shock absorbing soft touch over mould making it ideally suited to the challenges of a marine environment.

The uniquely designed clasp and key, offering easy pilot connection, incorporates tension-sensing technology without the use of any corrodible metallic springs. The tension sensor comprises hidden magnets and switches, encapsulated in plastic, ensuring their protection from exposure to the elements and product longevity.

Lifecord’s UK and European distributors, Landau UK, are recognised as award winning industry leaders in supply of both commercial and leisure marine product and service. Their CEO, Ben Metcalfe, has been involved from the outset in assisting Lifecord’s journey from initial concept to full production. The Landau team, with their extensive knowledge pool, worked closely with Lifecord’s designers who adhered to an exacting design brief and stringent product requirement matrix. 

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